Gain Unlimited Access to Over 1 Billion Personal Records With The InteliGator Site

Many people are wondering if Inteligator is legit or if it is just another scam site. It is certainly a legitimate online background check service. The site allows access to many different types of files and information that is stored online. It can perform background checks which contains a lot of information about an individual.

From this you can learn a person's legal name, birth date, address, employers, any criminal records and many other items. This can be a useful tool for investigating employee or for using when involved in other legal matters.

a useful tool for investigating employee or anyone
The service can be a useful tool for investigating employee or anyone.

Types of Records

Inteligator is a nationwide database with more than a billion records that are available to members. After paying the reasonable fee you will have access to all these records. You can access records on the county, state and national levels. Find more than 3500 records from county courts, Appellate Court records from all 50 states and obtain national court records with a membership.

You will be able to find arrest records, sex offender records and more than 300 million criminal records from across the United States. You will also be able to view State and Federal Prison data.

What You Can Do

There are other records available in the Inteligator website too, such as address histories, reverse phone search, and property records. View individual's marital status, unclaimed money and each state's death index. Once you have gained access you can find just about whatever it is you want to know about a person. Basically you can [perform investigative searches -], public record searches or just regular information searches on a person.

Many of these types of sites set certain limits on how often you can search or how many records you can obtain. But InteliGator has unlimited searches on all of these areas.

Who should use InteliGator?

It is an excellent resource for someone who works for a company which is hiring personnel. The service can help reveal anything shady in their past which would eliminate them from the hiring process. Or it can also reveal that their past is squeaky clean and there is no reason to not hire them for the position.

It can also be used by individuals who are dealing with any type of salesman. By running a background check on them you can find out if they are legit or not. It can save you from getting ripped off by a cheat. It's also great to use before you make the final decision to marry someone. It can also be beneficial if you feel your partner has been cheating on the relationship. It can offer great peace of mind in all of these types of situations.

you can find out if people are legit or not
Running a background check on them you can find out if people are legit or not.


There are several advantages to those who use Inteligator. First of all, it is a complete method that can be used to gather electronic information about a person. It is very convenient too. You can find many different pieces of information all in one place. This means you no longer have to use multiple sites to look up different pieces of information about one person.

They also give you a four-day trial of the product and they only charge you $1 for access for this time period. This allows you to test it out completely before signing up for it and possibly not liking the service it provides. Another benefit is the amount of data and records that are available. This includes even the hard-to-find stuff that other sites do not contain.

Great Features

And one of the great features of the site is that it has it all categorized so you are not having to search endlessly through non-pertinent information to find what you are looking for. This helps you be able to narrow your searches down so you get more accurate results.

Once you join Inteligator you will have unlimited access to the member's area. This is a vast resource for gathering all the information you will need. This is where you will find more than 20 various searches, resources and other tools to help you investigate. There is no limit to the reports or search results that can be obtained. For starters you will have unlimited access to all the different searches.

unlimited access to all the different searches
You will have unlimited access to all the different searches.

Things To Consider

Really the only thing that you will not have access to with your Inteligator membership is a person's personal and sensitive information. For instance, you cannot obtain a person's driving record, bank or credit card information or insurance record.

Other areas such as medical records which are protected by privacy laws are not available. Any records that are not considered "public records" cannot be accessed through the member's area of the site.

No hard copy report Needed

No, this is an online registry. There is no hard copy provided. However, all of your searches may be printed or displayed electronically. Reports are saved in your specific search history for 60 days.

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