Skyrocket Your WordPress Blogs Search Engine Ranking With SEOPressor Plugin

To begin with this review, I would say the SEOPressor plugin is a powerful WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plug-in developed by Daniel Tan which not only aim to automate the various tedious SEO tasks for your blog, but also aim to help your blog get a higher ranking in various search engines.

powerful WordPress SEO tool
This tool is a powerful WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plug-in.

Why I Buy SEO Plugin

Even though I have a lot of experience with creating websites I noticed that I was still having a lot of trouble getting my site to rank in the top 3 or 4 spots in search engine result pages.

Even though I was trying to diversify my backlinks and build them as quickly as I could, I decided to try SEOPressor to see if I could get a step ahead of my competitor's sites. I was pleasantly surprised.

optimize my images and title tags for you
This SEO plugin will optimize my images and title tags for you automatically.

How To Set Up

There are two different options when you first go to the official site. You can choose to purchase either a one time, or single license or you can take the unlimited license option. Personally, I have quite a few blogs that I work on regularly and so I knew I wanted all of them to be improved so I wanted to be able to have the license to use on several websites instead of just one.

It's convenient to buy a license in the official site, you need you will just make your selection and then click on the "buy now" button beside your option and then go through the payment process. You will get a receipt for your purchase that will be sent to your email account. This will give you all the details for downloading and setting up the program.

all the details for download and setting up the program
The official site give all the details for download and setting up the program.

One-Click Installation

I absolutely love the way the user interface is designed. It's very easy to log into the member area. From there you will customize your plug-in to work with your specific sites. All the specs are downloaded in just a few minutes and then it is very easy to install to your WordPress blog. Basically it is as easy as uploading and then activating.

It is so easy - that's what I needed! I did not want to spend hours setting it up and waiting to see if it was going to work. Just a few minutes and it was up and running.

SEO Analysis

This is one of the most useful parts of the program. SEOPressor SEO plugin will do an SEO analysis to see what needs to be fixed with your optimization campaign. This is great especially for those like me who just seemed to always be one step behind the competitors in search engine results. The analysis will show you exactly what you need to do with your keyword usage to help make it effective.

This Wordoress SEO plugin will offer plenty of advice on the things concerning your keyword that need to be changed and how to make the changes so that your site's ranking is improved. I have been very pleased with the way my sites have soared in the SERPs since I started using this plug-in.

no longer difficult to rank in the top 3 or 4 spots
It is no longer difficult to rank in the top 3 or 4 spots in Google with SEOPressor v5.

Good SEO Option

There are lots of reasons to use the plug-in. This is a really good option for those who are just starting out with blogs and need some help with planning and implementing SEO on their sites. It will do all the work for you. It's also good for those who provide SEO consultations for clients as it will help you help clients succeed.

For me, SEOPressor seo plugin is the best option to help me improve the ranking of my websites. It showed me how to make all of my pages rank higher. Since I write almost all of my own content it helps me ensure that I get good SEO before I ever publish on site. It's kind of like I have my own personal assistant that helps make my job lots simpler. The best thing is it will rate and score my articles for good SEO before it's published so that I can get it right and save a whole lot of time in the long run.

Why I Just Love It

I also like it because it will optimize my images and title tags for me. My auto-blogs can be set so that I have site wide settings so that I do not have to check each and every site all the time. I can rest assured that my blogs are ranking high in the search engine results.

For one thing it is very inexpensive, and saves me loads of time! I like it that I could buy multiple licenses for use across all my sites and domains. I also get free life-time updates and free installation help if I need it.

saves me a lot of time and definitely a good investment
The plugin saves me a lot of time and definitely a good investment.

Finally It Saves Me Lots Of Time (And Money)

It does a thorough job of testing and rating all my posts and pages so that I know what needs to be changed. When I change my content SEOPressor 5 automatically recalculates the SEO score which saves me a lot of time once again. I cannot express how it is worth every penny I invested in the program. I'm a happy customer!

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